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1. Send 500 ( Local & National ) SMS per day for 30days a Month, i.e. send 15,000 SMS per Month For FREE.

2. Get an Integrated Contact Database.

3. Get as many templates as required FREE so that there are NO HASSLES in typing the same SMS again.

4. Its a Desktop Software Application so for Privacy and Security we give a SIM registered to your name with it.

5. Software Validity is for 1year, you can renew the Software for a bear minimum after a year.

[ NOTE : No particular software or hardware required for this Application, use as and when needed. FREE maintainance will be provided at all times and DEMO will be given before submitting. No hidden terms and conditions and moreover No extra or Hidden Costs. For more Info call +9833963530, +919224294430 NOW. ]

Send Thousands and Lakhs of SMS with Single Click or Within Seconds with NO trouble AT ALL. If you require to Advertise, Contact, Submit, Send a Message through this medium in any part of INDIA contact on the above nos. and send SMS for as LOW as 5 Paisa ONLY with FREE Database of every AREA/CITY/STATE required.