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Web Publishing is the process of putting together Web pages, created by various methods, and making them available on the World Wide Web. Before creating Web pages for publishing, you should have a pre defined set of objectives, which is key to the success of building the Web site. Apart from having well defined objectives, you should identify your target audience, decide the purpose of the Web site and prepare a concise outline of the information site will contain.

Types Of Websites Available :

1. STATIC WEBSITE : These Websites are those websites which are distinguished by ONLY Text and Image content. This type of a Website does not contain any 2D Animation or Web Animation like Animated Websites and any data content like Dynamic Websites. These are the developed by using many technologies mainly such as HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS.

2. ANIMATED WEBSITES : These Websites are those which have 2D Animation enabled. The entire Website may or NOT be completely animated, i.e a few pages or only the Header of every page may be Animated. Such websites require professional expertise the knowledge for their development.

3. DYNAMIC WEBSITES : These Websites contain DATA and are linked maintained and developed using procedural Languages. Such websites are developed using PHP, ASP, JSP, VBSP, i.e Scripting languages. Such websites may have Login Identifications and may also Welcome the user or Client appropriately.

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